The InGallery art gallery was recently created on the initiative of the collector Inga Legasova on the basis of her collection of paintings. Nevertheless, the gallery has already managed to show its very peculiar intellectual resource, the main characters of which are painters of the Soviet period and our contemporaries.

Time has shown that many of the old artists are undeservedly forgotten, their works are sometimes scattered in provincial museums or simply stored in storerooms, gathering dust in tiny workshops. Meanwhile, the paintings of the old Soviet masters who received an excellent artistic education — landscapes, portraits, still lifes — reflect an entire era, which we should never forget. Their paintings are nothing but the cultural heritage of Russia. This is not a rant, but the realities of life. And the first mission of InGallery is to search for such painters, find, show their canvases to the general public and thereby preserve their creative heritage for posterity.

The second, equally important task that InGallery successfully solves is the search for young talented artists who are not at all easy to keep afloat and who need help and support, i.e. in the promotion of the art market.

We do not just look for them and find them, we do not just become their partners and friends. First of all, we give young painters the opportunity to present their works at the exhibition, to reveal their potential, creating all the conditions for investing in works of art.
The organization of art exhibitions is the most effective and mobile InGallery.

We chose a variety of sites — museums, professional houses of art, shopping centers, hotels and even temples. And what is surprising — the paintings of the artists «fit» into any space, they were always unexpected and interesting, they always met the expectations and needs of the public.
After all, we want to not only draw attention to one or another painter, show his works, sell them, we also want to influence the outlook of the public, shape and enrich its tastes.

Art Gallery ÏnGallery ”is also engaged in publishing activities and for each exhibition prepares catalogs of works of artists.

So, we are open, we are working, we are looking for.

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