Gromovik Marina Vyacheslavovna


Marina Vyacheslavovna Gromovik — Russian artist, graduated from Moscow State Historical — Archive Institute (Russian State
Humanities University). From 2006 to 2010 studied
at the School of watercolor by Sergey Andriyaka, and now he visits
creative workshop of the painter and graphic artist S. Vologzhanina.

For a long time Marina lived in Sweden and
Great Britain, she travels a lot. Participated in
international project ANTBIENNALE, which is
went to the CHA in Moscow, with some work
went to the directory that is stored in the library named
Lenin, as well as in the exhibitions «Palette in the lens», «Dialogue with the palette» in the CHA. Works Gromovik are
in private collections in Russia and abroad. «Geography» of the theme of the artist Marina
The thunderbolt is so vast that it seems
a certain insatiability in the work: here is a pain to all
familiar bridges of St. Petersburg and right there cold
Autumn on the Ugra, here is the London Coastal
and … from an unusual angle Nikitsky Gate.

Her manner is a good old classic and she is not
fits in slightly, to put it mildly, aggressive world
modern art, but it has the main thing — a vision
nature and the subject, as it were from the inside — what is possible
not at all. As if we were going along
to the Venetian canal, as if we were chopped
watermelon, just put flowers, put a bunch
grapes and rejoice in living delicate colors. Here is
just one stroke on the canvas with Isaac — a red umbrella —
and boring Petersburg rain acquires a completely different
sound, it really sounds, this
rain, but the picture blows optimism — because we
go to a meeting with a masterpiece of world architecture.

And still lifes at Marina seems to be ordinary,
not saturated with colors, romantic, homemade, in
good, typical, simple invitation
pause, admire, go on. AND
we together with the artist then elegantly have breakfast on
then carefully consider the villages and
bridges, lilies of the valley and white flowers, a blue bottle …
She gives us, the audience, their vision
of what we were either past or only
dreamed of going through, leaving a slight sensation of the transience of being.


Выставка художницы Марины Громовик «Мимолетности и отражения»

Раскрыть свои творческие способности никогда не поздно! Подтверждением этому служит первая персональная выставка Марины Громовик — начинающей, но очень интересной художницы из Москвы. Выставку, получившую название «Мимолетности и отражения», организовала галерея InGallery при информационной поддержке Союза Женских Сил. Инга Легасова, учредитель галереи InGallery, председатель правления НКО «Союз Женских Сил»: — В Союзе Женских Сил есть

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