The Women’s Union is an organization created to promote civic initiatives and helps to unite all women’s organizations in the Russian Federation, as well as women with active citizenship.
The Union of Female Forces is a partner of the Gallery “InGallery” on the basis of a cooperation agreement signed between them. Is an information partner of the gallery.

State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia. An important part of the work of the Museum is the study and museum presentation of the problems of the modern history of Russia. As a scientific and methodological center, the Museum conducts historical, source study and museological research, conferences and seminars for museum workers in Russia on topical issues of museums, publications of scientific papers are carried out.

Production and trading company «RemiLing» has been operating in the Russian market since 1992 and provides the largest wholesale and retail operators with the following household goods, the total number of which is more than 9000 items.
The investment trading company «RemiLing LLC» provides the gallery «InGallery» sponsorship.

Kuntsevo Plaza is a modern shopping center in Moscow, which opened in January 2015 in the west of the capital near the Metro Molodezhnaya.
The Kuntsevo Plaza shopping center provides the gallery with exhibition grounds.