Zemlyanaya Natalia Nikolaevna


1965 (May 30) — Born in the city of Leningrad in a military family. Childhood passed in Latvia (Liepāja).

1974 — Return to the city of Leningrad. Enrolled in art school. She studied with teachers A.N. Sovlachkova, V.V. Rogaleva, S.A.Onofrieva, S.M. Daniel.

1985 — Entered LVHPU them. The fly Studying with A.P. Zaitsev, S.P.Mosevich, V.P.Povarova, he becomes acquainted with the world of analytical art. Approaching the members of the “Parallel” group, organized in the 1980s by L.V. Kutsenko (M.A. Gorokhova, V.P.Povarova, E.M.Kan, V.V.Homutov, V.G.Shablovsky) . Artists are united by the idea of ​​color — plastic perception of the world and the construction of the space of the picture.

Since 1990, he has participated in all exhibitions of «Parallels». Member of the Union of Artists of Russia. Member of the International Federation of Artists IFA.